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Communication is key! As progress is made, we’ll keep you updated. Please email us with any questions, comments and/or concerns about your project. We request that all communication is handled via email for legal purposes and organization. If it’s not in writing, via email, it is not valid. You may email us at ANY TIME, and we will respond within 24 hours. Verbal communication can be forgotten. Email allows you and us to keep an electronic account of all communication. It is our goal for each client to be fully satisfied with the final product. Communication will only be made with the website owner. Please ask for permission prior to cc’ing email correspondence with another party. Depending on certain circumstances, telephone support will be provided, but legal discussions (i.e. monetary goals) will be conducted via email.


Payments must be made promptly based on the terms of the project. Ensight Branding reserves the right to remove any Web Project from viewing on the Internet until final payment is made. Debit or credit cards are the only accepted form of payment. We will not negotiate chargebacks with any person or company. Chargebacks are never acceptable means of attaining a refund. To request a chargeback on your credit card for a valid transaction is considered fraud. Fraudulent credit card chargebacks will be aggressively prosecuted and reported to all major credit bureaus as a delinquent collection account. Should a chargeback be filed against Ensight Branding, we will not hesitate to proceed with legal action to recover funds. All work under $200 requires payment in full before we begin work. All work over $200 requires a non-refundable deposit of $200, and the rest is due once we have reached the 50% mark of your project.

For print projects, we will not deliver the project without a sample watermark until the second half is paid in full. The first half of the payment is to ensure that the client is serious about wanting a site and for the time & effort that is placed into drafting. Once you have made your final payment, this becomes non-refundable as well. That means you are satisfied with what we have presented and agree to move forward with the completion of the project. Upon completion of project, we are willing to make minor alterations at no additional charge. Any further requests for additional work or alterations to the overall design will result in extra charges. To utilize a different layout, it will result in another deposit. Payments that are made in full for completion of the project become non-refundable once the transaction is made.


Whether we’re building your website from scratch, or redesigning an existing website, everything will belong to you. We reserve the right to display any client work we perform in our portfolio. Any new accounts created will be created using the information you provide. The only time we will keep project materials is if the client refuses to pay an invoice. If an invoice becomes 14 days past due, we will terminate the contract and provide the client, via email, the work that was already completed.


In order to receive a definite start date, a minimum deposit of 50% must be made first, based on the quoted price. Your deposit must also be made at least 5 days prior to your expected start date. This is to ensure that you are serious about this project, and we do not turn other potential clients away by giving them later appointment dates. We will work on your project only during the days appointed to you to ensure efficiency and faster turnaround time. We try our best to get the ball rolling each day during our business hours after you make the 1st deposit, because there are some things we will have to discuss and look over (ie: site structure, analyzing your domain registration account, the possibility of you needing a different hosting company, etc). This is why we request a deposit 5 days before the actual start date so everything can run smoothly for better results on your appointment date (which is when we actually begin designing & development).


We are affordable, but nothing about our work is cheap. Most designers start their rates at a minimum of $1000 for a new website. We’re honest and upfront about our pricing structure. Nothing is forced upon you. You’ll have a clear understanding of the cost before the project begins and no surprises when you receive the final invoice (if applicable). Prices listed online are subject to change at any time. Agreed upon prices may be adjusted after project commencement according to the client’s changing needs.

Work will not begin until after the invoice is paid. A handling fee of 3% will be added to every invoice. Initial phone consultations are free. A fee will be assessed to have an extension on payment arrangements that are outside of originally arranged terms and/or if your payment goes unpaid past 30 days. You may compare our prices to this Web Design Calculator.